4 Healthy Sleep Habits

4 Healthy Sleep Habits

Have you been sleeping well lately?

There is a direct correlation between mental and physical health and your sleep habits. Every night, people try many techniques to ensure that they’ll get a restful sleep, from purchasing the right mattress to various types of breathing and meditation techniques. If you’re seeking more insight, read on for four healthy sleep habits.

Listen to Your Body

Did you realize that your body has a natural sleep and wake cycle?  This is a great place to start when trying to develop healthy sleep habits. To get in tune with what your body needs, start by trying to go to sleep at the same time every night. This includes the weekends. By doing this, you’ll be training your body to get used to having a set schedule. The main sign that you’re getting enough sleep is when you wake up naturally rather than by an alarm clock. If you nap during the day, try to limit them to about 20 minutes so as not to disrupt the sleep schedule you’re trying to develop.

Control the Light

Light directly affects your sleep-wake cycle. The hormone melatonin is controlled by light exposure and the brain releases more in darkness. Therefore, try to spend more time outside during natural daylight. As you’re winding down for the evening, try to avoid bright screens starting about two hours before your bedtime. This includes your smartphone, television, laptop screen, and tablets. Use heavy curtains or even a sleep mask to help block out as much light as possible when you’re sleeping.  

Exercise and Diet

Consider your exercise routines throughout the day and your regular diet. As exercise speeds up your metabolism and elevates your body temperature and energy levels, it could disrupt your sleep schedule if you’re exercising too late in the evening. Keep your evening workouts light and be sure that they end at least three hours before your bedtime. Similarly, as your winding down in the evening, try to limit your caffeine intake and nicotine consumption. Avoid big meals at night and spicy foods as they can irritate your digestive system, and cause heartburn.

Relax Your Mind  

Develop habits that will help you clear your mind and relax your body near the time that you’re going to sleep. Daytime stress from work and family can affect your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. Try deep breathing techniques, listening to music, stretching, or meditation.

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