4 Helpful Mattress Maintenance Tips

4 Helpful Mattress Maintenance Tips

Mattresses are an investment that plays a significant role in providing a comfortable, relaxing, and healthy sleeping experience.

Mattresses are an investment that plays a significant role in providing a comfortable, relaxing, and healthy sleeping experience. Most mattresses are built to withstand constant use. However, over time your mattress can succumb to wear and tear, staining, debris, bacteria, allergens, and many other factors. Here are four helpful tips for maintaining and preserving your mattress.


One way of maintaining your mattress and prolonging its lifespan is by ensuring it’s placed on a support system. Mattress support systems consist of designated structures for holding your bed above the ground, such as a mattress frame, box springs, metal and wood platforms, and other foundations. These structures are essential in preserving the integrity of your mattress’s materials, preventing premature wear and tear.

Mattress Cover

Mattress covers are one of the best and simplest ways to protect and preserve your mattress. A quality mattress is typically water and dust-proof, protecting your mattress from spills, staining, dirt, dust, and other debris that can accumulate on your bed. Mattress covers are essential in protecting your mattresses’ interior materials from damages caused by skin oils, sweat, dust, and other elements and debris while also reducing the buildup of allergens.

Regularly Washing Your Bed’s Linens 

When you lay down or sit on your bed, your body sheds oil, hair, skin cells, and sweat. All of these elements and more can seep into the layers of your mattress, where it can breed bacteria and encourage allergens.

Regularly Rotating Your Mattress

Similar to car tires, regularly rotating your mattress promotes even wear, while not rotating makes it more likely for lumps, depressions, and softening to accumulate on your mattress. Regularly rotating your mattress is especially important for breaking in your mattress within its first few years of use. Your mattress should be rotated and flipped every two to six months.

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