4 Mattress Myths

4 Mattress Myths

It is important to realize that everyone has different body types and needs when it comes to mattresses.

There are a lot of misconceptions today when it comes to mattresses. Everyone needs to understand and appreciate the importance of getting enough quality of sleep. Your old mattress could be holding you back every night. Keep reading and discover some of the more prominent mattress myths today.

You Should Not Have To Adjust To A New Mattress

There is a false belief that your mattress should be a perfect fit for your body the first time you purchase it. This is not true because most people will need approximately a month before their bodies are acclimated to sleeping on the new surface. Your joints and muscles need to become accustomed to the new mattress, which can take some time.

You Should Flip Your Mattress A Few Times A Year

It used to be that you could sleep on either side of the mattress. This is not the case anymore because most newer mattresses are only one-sided. If you wish to reduce the body impressions in your mattress, there are a couple of steps you can take. For example, you want to sleep in different places on your mattress so that the surface of the mattress so it compresses evenly throughout. A great way to do this is to rotate your mattress a few times a year.

A Firm Mattress Is The Best Choice For Your Back

It is important to realize that everyone has different body types and needs when it comes to mattresses. For some, a firm mattress is the right choice because they need a lot of support for their back. There are also plenty of people who benefit more from a softer mattress.

You Should Replace Your Mattress Every Eight Years

There is a myth floating around that you need to replace your mattress every eight years. This is not necessarily the case. There are a variety of factors that determine when you need to replace your mattress, such as quality of mattress and how well you take care of it.

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