4 Most Effective Tips for Choosing a Mattress for a Back Sleeper

4 Most Effective Tips for Choosing a Mattress for a Back Sleeper Sleepwell

Ideally, back sleepers exert more pressure on the head, hips, heels, and shoulders.

Do you have any tips to enhance your sleeping experience?

In 2017, the U.S. National Library of Medicine NLM published a study that revealed that back sleepers account for approximately 18% of U.S. citizens. Notably, this position is the second last position after the front position. And being one of the positions with the least people, it is more likely to be left out in terms of informational tips, best mattresses available in the market, and so forth. 

However, if you’re searching for a mattress for a back sleeper, you should worry no more. This article unveils helpful tips for choosing a bed for a back sleeper. 

Understand Your Pressure Points

Before you search for the right mattress, it is essential to understand the pressure points for a back sleeper. Ideally, back sleepers exert more pressure on the head, hips, heels, and shoulders. With this knowledge, you will test the mattresses and make the right choice. 

Choose A Medium-Firm Mattress

Unlike the side sleepers, whose pressure points are mainly the hips and shoulders and who would instead go for soft mattresses, back sleepers have the weight well distributed around the upper, middle, and lower parts. 

As a result, a medium-firm mattress can best serve a back sleeper as it prevents sinking of the heavier pressure points such as the hips and shoulders. This protects your hips, lower back, shoulders as well as spine. Generally, a slightly firmer mattress will prevent you from sustaining lower back and neck pain every time you go to bed. 

Go For A Contoured Pillow

If you experience neck pains, you should consider lifting and supporting your upper body part. Contoured pillows can give you the best results. In addition, you might as well raise the knees with a regular pillow to prevent lower back pains. 

Here, the idea is to adjust yourself when sleeping and prevent excess pressure on the lower back and neck region. 

Consider Latex Or Memory Foam Mattresses & Pillows

Latex and memory foam mattresses and pillows have exceptional qualities. You can quickly get one that suits your requirements. Also, remember to renew your bed after eight years of usage. 

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