5 Benefits of Memory Foam

5 Benefits of Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses help keep the spine and back aligned by spreading your body weight more evenly across the surface.

Considering making a switch to memory foam? Here are five benefits you’ll enjoy with a memory foam mattress.

Pressure Points

Memory foam provides great relief from pain related to pressure points. It was first used in medical applications to help cushion, protect, and comfort patients who would find themselves laying in one position for extended time periods. Now, in your mattress, memory foam serves a similar purpose. Pressure point pain comes from the pressure of gravity paired with the upward resistance from bedding materials. It doesn’t only cause irritation and pain, but it can also affect your circulation and damage soft tissue. Memory foam helps by adjusting to your shape rather than forcing your body to adjust to the shape of your mattress.

Back Alignment

Memory foam mattresses help keep the spine and back aligned by spreading your body weight more evenly across the surface. It helps support your lower back and keep your spine in a neutral position while you sleep. To compare, spring mattresses keep weight concentrated on the shoulders, hips, and heels.

Unique Sleep Position

Everyone sleeps in a different position. With that said, memory foam mattresses don’t require that you sleep only on your back or side to be effective. Memory foam is designed to accommodate every different possible sleeping position. It will mold and cradle your body in any position, allowing you to settle comfortably into your natural sleeping position.

Tossing and Turning

Not everyone settles into a position and stays there throughout the night. Many people switch positions and toss and turn throughout the night. If that’s the case, you’re still able to benefit from the all the advantages that make memory foam popular. It’s designed to absorb motion and isolate it rather than transferring it to your sleeping partner. Once you settle back into a comfortable position, it will again contour around the natural curves of your body.


People who suffer from allergies often deal with sneezing and itching eyes from the dust mites and other allergens that their mattresses attract. It can be incredibly uncomfortable when you’re laying down and trying to sleep. Memory foam mattresses use a dense formula that repels dust mites while also limiting mold and pet dander.

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