5 Facts You May Not Have Known About Sleep

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In order to perform day in and day out, a person needs to get enough sleep at night. There are several health consequences of not getting enough sleep. Besides knowing that it is important, most people know very little about sleep. For that reason we have compiled a few interesting facts that you may not have known about sleep. Use these facts to impress your friends or family members!

A Person Spends 1/3 Of Their Life Asleep

This varies depends on the age of a person, but it is approximately a third. It seems like a lot, doesn’t it? For a person to enjoy the other two-thirds of their lives, they need to get enough sleep.

Approximately 25% Of Couples Sleep In Separate Bed

Many people are under the assumption that if a couple is married and living together, they are sleeping in the same bed. This is simply not the case. There are plenty of people today who prefer to have their own bed to themselves. Some people are light sleepers and do not want to be awakened by their partner during the night.

Humans Are The Only Mammal That Delays Sleep

In other words, humans as a species do not fully appreciate the importance of sleep. We delay sleep for a variety of reasons, such as to watch out favorite late night program or to spend more time with our friends or family members.

The Falling/Jerking Sensation You Experience While Sleeping Is Called ‘Hypinic Jerks’

There is nothing wrong with you if you sometimes experience hypnic jerks at night. They are most common in younger people. They may be caused by high anxiety levels or having high caffeine consumption.

Newborns Sleep Around 14 to 17 hours A Day

Newborn babies sleep off and on throughout the day and night. They are on a rather irregular schedule and awaken for 1 to 3-hour increments.

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