5 More Helpful Mattress Maintenance Tips

 5 More Helpful Mattress Maintenance Tips

Performing regular maintenance and cleaning on your mattress can go a long way in ensuring it provides you with constant comfort for many years to come.

Mattresses play a significant role in providing a safe, stable, clean, healthy, and comfortable sleeping environment. Performing regular maintenance and cleaning on your mattress can go a long way in ensuring it provides you with constant comfort for many years to come. Listed below are five helpful tips for cleaning and maintaining your mattress.

Regularly Cleaning Your Mattress

Like your bed’s linens, your mattress should be cleaned regularly. Cleaning your mattress helps preserve your mattresses’ lifespan and materials while maintaining a healthy sleeping environment free of stains, debris, germs, and allergens. When cleaning your mattress, it’s important to reference the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you’re using proper cleaning procedures and not using harsh cleaning materials and products that can harm the integrity of your mattress.

Vacuum Your Mattress

Vacuuming your mattress with an upholstery attachment or hose is an integral part of mattress maintenance that allows you to remove dust and other debris from the surface of your mattress. It’s also helpful for combatting allergies because it prevents dust and other allergens from accumulating on your mattress. It’s recommended that you vacuum your mattress at least once every three months.

Refrain from Standing or Jumping on the Bed

As fun as standing and jumping on the bed may seem, you must refrain from that kind of activity to prevent mattress damage. Jumping and standing on your bed, along with other activities, can put too much weight in areas of your bed, causing your mattress to wear down more quickly.

Keep Pets Off the Bed

Sometimes it can be a challenge to resist wanting to cuddle with your pet; however, to keep your mattress clean, it’s recommended that you give your pets their designated beds instead of letting them climb in yours. Pets can often drool, shed, and bring outside elements onto your mattress, reducing its lifespan and damaging its material.

Let It Air Dry

Another helpful mattress maintenance tip is occasionally letting your mattress sit in the sunlight and air out for the day. When it’s sunny and dry, you should strip your mattress and allow it to bask in fresh air and sunlight for several hours every one or two months. This allows fresh air to ventilate through your mattress, removing any excess moisture caused by sleepers and humid environments.

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