5 Negative Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

5 Negative Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

Are you not getting enough sleep at night?

Substantial sleep is crucial. It recharges the body and mind and promotes a healthy immune system. Lack of sleep can be spurred by hectic work schedules or even sleep disorders such as insomnia or obstructive sleep apnea. When your sleep schedule gets put on the back burner, your mental and physical health could suffer. If you experience any degree of sleep deprivation, it is vital that you seek medical attention immediately. Left untreated, sleep deprivation has several negative effects, ranging from significant weight gain to severe health risks. Prioritize your health and pay attention to your symptoms, neglecting sleep could inflict lasting damage.

Significant Weight Gain

Experts have linked sleep deprivation to rapid weight gain, based on an increase in the body’s ghrelin levels and a decrease in leptin levels. Ghrelin is known as the hunger hormone, while leptin is the appetite-control hormone. When these levels are unbalanced, irregular and unhealthy cravings are sparked. Many people have noted a change in eating habits, gravitating towards sweet, starchy, or salty foods. All of these factors encourage an unhealthy lifestyle that contributes to noticeable weight gain.

Severe Physical Health Risks

Every night, sleep works to strengthen and recharge all bodily systems. It heals vital organs like the heart and even revives damaged blood vessels. Without the fortifying power of sleep, the body is unable to bounce back and tackle the next day. If this pattern continues, it will take a toll on your physical health and exhaust your immune system. Natural killer cells will become less active, exposing the body to a variety of severe health risks. Additionally, lack of sleep also makes victims three times more likely to catch a cold.

Surge in Mental Health Effects

Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on your mental health, aging your brain as much as five years. It is destructive and weakens the mind, making the brain vulnerable to a variety of health risks. Irritability and severe anxiety are common byproducts of sleep deprivation, damaging the individual’s relationships with others as well as themselves. Sleep deprivation also puts victims at a higher risk for depression and damages the brain’s ability to retain information.

Memory Loss

Poor sleep can lead to significant memory loss, especially in the elderly community. As sleep deprivation ages the brain it begins to deteriorate, causing noticeable forgetfulness and impaired judgment.

Driver Safety Risks

When your body and mind are exhausted, performing routine tasks becomes difficult and even hazardous. Your daily drive to work will transform into a treacherous journey as you struggle against nodding off. Driving while drowsy is incredibly common, and puts everybody at risk. If you don’t feel fully rested, avoid getting behind the wheel!

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