5 Reasons to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

5 Reasons to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

As delightful as it sounds, sleeping the day away can ruin your sleep schedule and interfere with your daily routine.

How well do you sleep? Do you find that you are drowsy throughout the day? As delightful as it sounds, sleeping the day away can ruin your sleep schedule and interfere with your daily routine. Here are five fantastic reasons to go to bed earlier and try to wake up earlier, too!

It Helps Your Heart

Taking care of your heart is important. Exercising and avoiding certain habits that can affect your heart rate are important. The thing is, you need to get an adequate amount of sleep relative to your age group. We get it – staying up late to power through that book is tempting! But not getting enough sleep is bad for you. Your blood vessels aren’t reaching their full potential, and that can affect your heart’s health – especially when it comes to heart disease and the possibility of stroke!

It Helps Fight Cancer

Along with reducing the chances of heart disease, sleep helps your body fight off cancer. Melatonin is the hormone that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. However, it has also been proven to slow down tumor growth. Darkness helps increase how much melatonin you have access to – which is one of the reasons why blue light is so harmful!

It Reduces Stress

Do you find yourself stressed out, and dreading the weekend instead of looking forward to it? You could feel overwhelmed, and that’s okay! Sleep it off. Sleep helps to reduce stress, so when you wake up feeling refreshed, that’s why!

Powers Up Your Brain

Sleeping also helps improve brain function. If you take B12 supplements, then you know how it can help power up your brain function, and so can sleep!

Helps Manage Weight

Getting plenty of exercise and enjoying a balanced diet helps with weight management. That much is true, but did you know that sleeping better also makes a difference? Indeed it does! Two hormones known as ghrelin and leptin help regulate your appetite, and you need to get enough sleep to help manage them and your appetite throughout the day. There are many reasons why your appetite can fluctuate throughout the day, but not getting enough sleep shouldn’t be one of them!

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