5 Tips for Buying a Mattress

5 Tips for Buying a Mattress

Use these tips to find the mattress of your dreams!

If you’re shopping for a new mattress, consider these tips before making your final purchase.


Jump online and do some research before you begin shopping. Read up on articles that will give you a better idea of the type of mattress that may be better for your back, a particular medical condition, or any preference that you have. There are many references that you’ll be able to use as tools to make an informed decision for your mattress purchase.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you’re seeing a sleep specialist or your doctor for concerns about aches in the morning or restless nights, consult their expert opinions before buying a mattress. They’ll be able to give you more insight into the type of mattress that will help relieve those pains and restore you to a restful sleep. Combine what they tell you with what the representatives in the store recommend for your unique conditions.

Don’t Fall for Gimmicks

Although many mattresses are sold as having special qualities or benefits, don’t be sold only by those claims. Be sure to test it out for yourself before you make a purchase. In fact, while some mattresses claim to be medically approved, there is no official medical organization that makes such approvals. There are no certifications or verifications that exist to officially make this statement for a mattress. With that in mind, many do have special orthopedic features that can and will be beneficial for various medical and physical conditions.

Do a Trial Run

Lay down in the store. Many of the mattresses that you’ll be looking for are on display in the store — this is for your benefit. When you see the style that you’re interested in, kick your feet up and try it out. Feel its firmness, support, softness, and overall comfort. Lay down for at least 10 minutes in the store. If you have a partner, you should go mattress shopping together to ensure that you’ll both feel comfortable and supported while you rest. Compare the experiences that you have on the various mattresses in the store.

Make Adjustments  

When the right mattress works in conjunction with an adjustable bed, it could create the perfect combination for your unique sleeping needs. Being able to elevate your head and knees could be just what you need to alleviate lower back pain.

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