A Buyer’s Guide to Mattress Sizes

Mattress Sizes
Different mattress sizes suit different purposes and can help you rest up to tackle your day every day!

Are you finally ready to make a mattress upgrade? Replacing your old mattress is one of the best things you can do for your health and wellness, Getting a good, supported nights rest is critical to your overall health, and your mattress makes a significant difference in how well you sleep. Along with considering your comfort when it comes to type and style of mattress, you must consider size before purchasing as well. Different sized mattresses are suitable for different people, and knowing the differences can help you make the right choice for your comfort and home.


While most adults wouldn’t choose a twin size mattress for themselves, twin beds are great for a variety of situations. Dorms or tiny apartments may call for them, but most children are perfectly fine in a twin bed until they get older. Most twin mattresses are 30” by 75” although there are extra-long options for college dorms and teens.


If you live in a smaller space, particularly in older houses or city apartments, you may not have the space for a queen size or larger bed even if you wanted one. Full-size mattresses measure at 75” long and 52” wide, so while not ideal for couples, they can work given the need.


In rooms that can fit a slightly larger bed, a 60” by 80” queen size mattress is the favored option for couples. While it leaves plenty of personal space, it also makes cuddling less of a challenge. That said, if you have small children or pets who want to be in bed with you, there may not be room to fit everyone.


Topping the size chart with 76” width and a little extra length, a king size bed can fit you, your partner, and a gaggle of children and pets comfortably. California kings are even larger with an additional 4” of width and a length of over 7’. If anyone in your home is tall, they may find that a king size bed allows them to sleep more comfortably and with greater support than any other option.

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