Adjustable Mattresses and their Many Health Benefits

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Adjustable mattresses are a great way to sleep soundly.

Adjustable mattresses have become a hot commodity since their inception around 15 years ago. Individuals and couples alike love them due to the way that they can conform to any ideal sleeping position for comfort purposes. But did you know that adjustable mattresses actually have many health benefits as well as keeping you more snugly asleep? Here’s just a handful of the many positive health effects adjustable mattresses can have on your body!

Reducing Snoring

Let’s admit it– no one likes a snorer. It’s loud, annoying, and, to make matters worse, very hard to control. However, adjustable mattresses are often recommended by doctors to those with severe snoring or sleep apnea because they can easily elevate the upper back, which is a natural way to reduce snoring in sleep. The less snoring, the better the sleep— for both the snorer and anyone sleeping near them!

Reducing Back Pain

One great benefit of adjustable mattresses is that they are– well, adjustable! This means that you can customize your mattress however you deem fit. For people who may need a more orthopedic approach to help with their back pain, an adjustable mattress is a perfect way to add support to their exact needs. 

Improve Lung Capacity

Do you suffer from asthma or another breathing condition? Your sleeping position may actually make this worse. When laying down completely flat, your lungs may not be able to open up to their full capacity at night. This can lead to worsened breathing problems during the daytime. Adjustable mattresses can be altered in shape to make sure you are not sleeping completely flat to make sure those lungs are opened up to where they need to be. 

Reducing Fluid Retention

A common cause of leg and foot swelling or ache is fluid retention, which is induced by poor circulation of fluids in the body when standing or sitting in one place for too long without movement. When sleeping at a slight angle, this encourages the natural flow of the body to process out these excess fluid buildup areas and naturally reduce the overall swelling and pain it can cause. 

Relief from Acid Reflux

So many people are affected by acid reflux, a painful condition that comes from stomach acid reaching the bottom of the esophagus. This condition can cause severe heartburn or stomach ache. Luckily, acid reflux is most commonly caused when sleeping entirely flat, so an adjustable mattress will do the trick to help relieve the problem while sleeping. 

Sleepwell Mattress Is the Key to A Good Night’s Rest

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