The Advantages Of Adjustable Bed Bases

The Advantages Of Adjustable Bed Bases

When an adjustable bed is used the pressure on the sciatic nerve can be dramatically reduced.

When it comes to giving yourself a good night’s sleep, an adjustable bed base might not be high on your priority list. While adjustable bed bases are no longer just for hospitals, they’re still uncommon, despite being highly useful. In fact, adjustable beds offer a wide variety of benefits that make them useful for many different people.

Reduce Back Pain

When an adjustable bed is used the pressure on the sciatic nerve can be dramatically reduced. Because many sleep on their side for comfort, the lower back has a tendency to be compressed, when this is alleviated by having the top of the bed slanted up, and the knee area raised most people are able to sleep on their backs with enhanced support.

Relieve Arthritis pain and Swelling

For those who deal with the pain and side effects of arthritis and swelling, an adjustable bed frame can be a godsend. Raising the foot or whichever area is under the swollen or affected area can help reduce the pressure overnight. This can help alleviate much of the pain and ensure you have a good night’s rest.

Improve Digestion and reduce Acid Reflux

When a body is laying flat the acids from the stomach can pool into the esophagus, this creates the uncomfortable side effects of acid reflux and heartburn. In general, this can be solved by keeping the head raised by 6-8 inches. While attempting this with pillows alone can lead to a neck crick, with an adjustable bed you’ll have a much more comfortable night. Additionally, having your bed at an incline can help your body digest food better, as laying flat hinders the digestion process.

Alleviate Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring, asthma and sleep apnea are all affected by laying flat, which causes weight and pressure to be put on the windpipe. When an angle is created, this weight and pressure are removed, and airflow can be better allowed into the body.

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