Are Two-Sided Mattresses Better Than One-Sided?

two-sided mattresses

Read on to discover the difference between one- and two-sided mattresses and the benefits of each.

When shopping for mattresses, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. One of the decisions mattress shoppers have to make is whether to invest in a one-sided or two-sided mattress. Which one should you pick? Well, that depends on a few things. Both mattress types are designed for different types of materials and use. Read on to discover the difference between one- and two-sided mattresses and the benefits of each.

  • What’s the Difference?

In terms of construction, two-sided mattresses are designed to be flipped to evenly distribute wear, while one-sided mattresses are designed to be rotated and never flipped. Two-sided mattresses, as one might expect, are designed to be used on either side. As a result, two-sided mattresses are built from the inside outward. On the other hand, one-sided mattresses are designed to only ever be used with one side on top, and as such they are built from the bottom up.

  • Two-Sided Mattresses are Great For:

Two-sided mattresses can be tricky to perfect, but they are an extremely popular choice for mattress buyers due to the perception that they will last twice as long. On the contrary, two-sided mattresses which are not designed with flipping in mind can fail more rapidly than a one-sided mattress of the same quality. Two-sided mattresses which pair pillow tops with springs can fail and degrade over time. This is because the springs sit on top of the bottom pillow top, which does not provide adequate support for the spring matrix. However, two-sided mattresses are ideal for designs that utilize cotton, wool, or polyester padding. This is because cotton, wool, and polyester fibers settle and condense over time, creating the need for the mattress to be flipped and fluffed.

  • One-Sided Mattresses are Great For:

One-sided mattresses are often the best choice for people who want foam padding or a pillow top. This is because the cushioned top only has to support a sleeper, not an entire mattress when flipped over. One-sided mattresses allow for more cushioning in less space because there is only cushioning on top of the springs or foam, not underneath. In a one-sided mattress, the springs are supported properly and pillow tops do not have to withstand the weight of a flipped mattress, which can flatten them over time.

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