Is a Bed Frame Necessary for a Mattress?

Bed Frame

Is a bed frame truly necessary? Read on for reasons why you should have a bed frame for your mattress.

A mattress can be a big investment. After all, you’re going to be spending about half your time on it, so it’s important to make sure your mattress is comfortable and helps you get a good night’s rest. But is the bed frame nearly as important? You may be wondering if a bed frame is a necessary expense. But it is a good idea to give your mattress support in order to ensure a good night’s rest (and even maximize your storage space). Here are a few reasons a bed frame is necessary for your mattress.

Prevent Mold and Insect Infestations

Your mattress serves an important function in your life. After all, you’re recommended to spend at least 8 hours sleeping on your mattress every night. But for all that use, we rarely move our mattresses except for when we move homes. Keeping the mattress raised above the floor encourages greater air flow, which can help prevent mold growth. The lack of circulation also makes a mattress on the floor a great environment for insects. Prevent fleas, mites, and more by keeping your bed raised on a frame.

Extra Storage Space

A mattress placed directly on the floor can waste valuable floor space in your bedroom. With a raised bed, you can use the space beneath for storage, maximizing the room in your home. Many homeowners choose to use boxes or rolling totes under their bed to store extra bedding, clothing, and shoes. You can even purchase a bed frame with drawers built into the bottom in order to truly maximize storage space in your bedroom. Depending on how high your bed is raised off the ground, you’ll want to use this storage space wisely to prevent a cluttered appearance.

Support Your Box Spring

A new bed frame is also a good way to make sure you’re getting the right sleep support. While mattresses are crucial to getting a good night’s rest, the mattress itself needs to rest on the box spring to ensure the best support. A bed frame provides support for your box spring, which is constructed in a wooden frame. Placing box springs directly on the floor will scratch flooring and allow the mattress to slide right off, while a bed frame keeps your bed secure and raised above the ground. So with a bed frame, you’re not just supporting the box spring, you’re also supporting your mattress and your most comfortable sleep.

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