Blue Light and Its Effect On Sleep

Blue Light and Its Effect On Sleep

Do you spend all day glued to a screen? If you do, then you might have an idea of what blue light is.

Do you spend all day glued to a screen? If you do, then you might have an idea of what blue light is. Cell phones, laptops, and tablets all emit blue light that can mess up your sleep schedule without you even knowing it. 

What Is It? 

Electronics of all kinds give off blue light. If you need to spend all day looking at a computer screen for work and you wear glasses, then chances are good that you have already added anti-blue light coating to them to help prevent eye strain. Despite what it sounds like, blue light is meant to imitate natural daylight even if you don’t normally perceive daylight as “blue”. It is intended to help keep you awake during the day, but when it’s time for bed, then it becomes a real problem. 

Related Issues

Unfortunately, blue light disrupts your circadian rhythms, or your body’s internal clock. It seems harmless enough at first, but try getting a good night’s sleep after staring at your phone before bed – it’s not as easy as if you read a conventional book to help tire your eyes out. Your brain doesn’t think it’s bedtime yet, and no matter how tired you feel, you just won’t be able to doze off.

How to Overcome It

Overcoming this issue is simpler than you think. Put down your phone and give yourself a pre-bedtime cooldown. This means that for at least half an hour, don’t look at your phone or any other screens. A two-hour window of no screen time is even better. That way, your brain will automatically adjust to what time it is instead of what it might be fooled into thinking the time is. See if your phone can’t shift to night mode, which reduces the amount of blue light that it gives off. This night setting uses soothing yellow light that won’t make it harder to go to sleep. Once you are asleep, you will actually stay asleep. Since you’re not tossing and turning all night, you can get some decent rest and wake up feeling refreshed instead of groggy!

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