Box Spring vs. Platform Bed vs. Adjustable Bed Base: Which Do You Need?

Box Spring vs. Platform Bed vs. Adjustable Bed Base: Which Do You Need?

Read on to learn about bed bases and why you might need a box spring, adjustable bed base, or platform bed for your new mattress.

Shopping for a mattress can be challenging, but making a well-researched choice on your new bed can come with a slew of benefits, not the least of which is improved sleep quality. Once you’ve settled on your mattress of choice, however, you may be saddled with another difficult decision: choosing a bed base. Platform beds, adjustable bed bases, and box springs are just a few of the options available to you, and choosing the right base for your mattress is critical. Read on to learn about bed bases and why you might need a box spring, adjustable bed base, or platform bed.

What is a Box Spring? Why Might You Need One?

A box spring is one of the classic bed bases available for consumers today. While their design can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, they typically consist of a metal or wood box frame filled with metal coils and surrounded by a fabric cover. Box springs are designed to prolong the life of your mattress by absorbing shock and providing support for an otherwise flexible bed. How can you tell if you need a box spring? The easiest way to determine whether you need one or not is to check with your mattress manufacturer; most manufacturers will provide guidance (particularly with foam or innerspring mattresses) as to whether or not a box spring is necessary.

Platform Beds and Slats: Lower Profile Than a Box Spring

Another popular support method for beds is the platform bed. These pieces of furniture are typically lower to the ground and include a built-in support system. Platform beds often include slats or solid bases upon which your mattress can sit. While these allow sleepers to position their mattresses lower to the floor and do not require a box spring, these types of beds also have drawbacks. Platform beds can be heavy and difficult to move, and lower beds can be challenging for some people to get into and out of. However, their perks are significant: many platform beds include storage, there are typically more styles available, and they are compatible with virtually any mattress.

Adjustable Bed Bases

Finally, some sleepers choose adjustable bed bases. These bed bases can tilt and bend your mattress, allowing you to sleep in a wide range of positions. Some adjustable bed bases simply raise the head of the mattress, while others offer knee and leg support and split support for couples. These bases are often designed to fit into standard bed frames, but they won’t work with every mattress, so be sure to pick a mattress that can bend and flex without breaking or wearing down.

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