Different Sleep Habits Found Around the World

Sleep Habits Around the World

Sleeping with pets is uniquely American, but what are some other sleep habits found around the world?

Whenever traveling, you are bound to run into a variety of different cultures and traditions. In fact, there are sleeping patterns that vary from country to country. Sleeping habits differ from person to person but looking at how different countries approach sleep is a fascinating take on sleep habits in general. Here are just a few of the different sleep habits from around the world.

A Siesta

In Spain, there is a unique tradition of an afternoon nap that dates back hundreds of years — this is called a siesta. In fact, historians believe the tradition originated to allow farmers some time to rest and restore their energy. These days, Spaniards use siestas as a way to takes break from their workdays — they’ll go home, have a snack, and rejuvenate and rest before heading back to work.

In Bed With Pets

Sleeping with pets is all too common for pet owners in America. In fact, most pet owners prefer their furry friends to hang out in their beds. While some may think this concept is crazy, American pet owners love their furry friends so much they can’t spend a night without snuggling up with them.

Napping Al Fresco

Depending on the weather, sleeping outdoors is appealing for most. In fact, in Scandinavian countries, many parents will often leave their little ones outdoors so they can have a nice, al fresco nap. These parents do this because of the belief that fresh air is good for their kids and that keeping their kids outside will prevent them from getting sick.

Fewer Sheets

In many countries — particularly European countries — a top sheet is simply unheard of. In fact, most homes don’t have top sheets and simply sleep on a fitted sheet under a comforter or duvet. This traditionally European method reduces the number of layers needed when making a bed and works in any season — both summer and winter.

Bottom Line

No matter where you live, having a sleep routine is essential for a good night’s rest. Taking a few insights and tips from other countries might just help you find a way to sleep better and actually get a good night’s sleep.

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