Do You Need a Box Spring?

box spring

Here’s a guide to help you determine whether or not you need a box spring for your new mattress.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right mattress for you. Between memory foam, innerspring, and two- versus one-sided mattresses, there’s a lot that goes into a good night’s rest. When you’ve finally settled on a new mattress, you may start to wonder what your mattress needs in order to give you the right support for your best night’s sleep. After all, many mattresses require a box spring — but what about your mattress? Here’s a guide to help you determine whether or not you need a box spring for your new mattress.

What is a Box Spring?

Before the current-day luxuries of fluffy memory foam mattresses, box springs were wooden boxes filled with inner springs that supported thinner mattresses. These springs would help support you through the night. Nowadays, box springs actually don’t contain springs anymore — they’re more of a foundation. There are a few types to choose from, but they generally serve the purpose of supporting your mattress and raising it to a comfortable sleeping height. Since they no longer contain springs, a platform or adjustable base will serve this purpose just as well.

Bed Frames

There are several reasons you may need to provide an extra layer of support beneath your mattress or raise your bed to a more comfortable height. For example, standard bed frames will require some sort of foundation for the mattress. These will generally only have minimal support across the middle of the frame, holding the mattress along its perimeter. A box spring will help keep that mattress supported to prevent sagging or other issues that can impact your sleep and even cause back problems. Some bed frames will also be quite deep, with the expectation that you will use a box spring or foundation to bring your mattress to the appropriate height for the bed. This can also make it easier to get in and out of your bed without straining your back or irritating chronic pain issues.

Box Spring Options

Depending on where you buy your mattress, many stores will sell or deliver box springs that meet their warranty requirements. These will be well-suited to support your new mattress and encourage a good night’s rest. Bed-in-box delivery companies will generally provide suggestions for compatible box springs that you can buy and assemble at home. You can also keep a previous box spring or foundation to use with a new mattress, as long as it is not damaged, sagging, or squeaking. These are signs that the box spring will not provide adequate support for your mattress.

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