Great Ways To Get Rid Of Back Pain In The Morning

Great Ways To Get Rid Of Back Pain In The Morning Sleepwell

Or, if you’re a back sleeper, it’d be helpful to place your pillow underneath your knees.

People spend a third of their lives sleeping or watching T.V. from the comfort of their mattresses. However, back pain is a constant problem most people face when waking up. Waking up in the morning should be blissful and pain-free, so we’ve together a list of tips on how to get rid of dreadful back pain\ in the morning. Continue reading!

Adjust Your Sleeping Position

If you’re looking to get quality sleep, you should ensure that your spine is aligned. So whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach — your spine may not be getting the alignment you. Additionally, if you find this is what’s causing you pain, there’s a quick fix — sleep with another kind of pillow. It’s important to note you won’t be using it for your head.

Research shows that if you’re a side sleeper, it may be beneficial to bring your knees slightly towards your chest and place the extra pillow in between your legs. Or, if you’re a back sleeper, it’d be helpful to place your pillow underneath your knees. And if you usually sleep on your stomach, which can be harsh on your back. Try to place the pillow under your abdomen and your pelvis.

Go To The Gym & Stay Active

Although working out has been proven to help most people sleep better, you’ll find that working on your core can be beneficial for back pain. Additionally, you want to ensure that you work on your back and abs when you’re working out.

As time goes on, you’ll notice your muscles are more potent, which will eventually help back pain stay clear. Don’t be shocked to have days where you experience soreness for the first week or even days when you’re working out. This is temporary, and your body will eventually become used to it.

Stretch When You Wake-Up

Practicing quick stretches in the morning can set the tone of your day for your body. You seek at night when you’re asleep your muscles paralyze, leading to morning tension around your body. Therefore, stretching at night or in the morning can do your body well.

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