How Does a Memory Foam Mattress Work?

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As you can see here, a memory foam mattress is made up of layers.

Remember when memory foam first came out in the 1990s? If you’re old enough, you probably remember the commercial with various personalities from the time jumping on a mattress with a full wine glass on the bed. The commercial’s main selling point was that the wine wouldn’t spill because of how sturdy and firm the mattress was without the need for springs. Most of the 90s are now approaching 30 years ago, and memory foam is still on the market, and for a good reason. It’s cool, moldable, and popular with those who need orthopedic mattresses for achy joints. But what exactly is a memory foam mattress? This guide will help you understand just how that glass of wine stood up straight on that memory foam mattress. 

Memory Foam Mattress Course 101

A memory foam mattress works by reacting to a person’s natural body heat. The foam molds itself around a person naturally, providing contour and support to needed areas. This works because of how it’s made. Usually, a foam mattress is made out of three layers of foam. On the bottom layer is a firm polyurethane foam that is used as a base for the mattress. Above that is a transitional layer of foam of any type to help support the top layers of extraordinary memory foam. 

What is ILD?

ILD, or indentation load deflection, is a measure of how firm the memory foam mattress is manufactured to be. ILD refers to a math equation that calculates how much weight the memory foam can support until it gives. The higher the ILD score, the firmer the mattress. If you are looking for a super plush memory foam mattress, aim for 1.5-2 on the ILD score. For a firm sleeper, try 6-8. 

Three Types of Memory Foam Mattresses

Usually, memory foam mattresses are made in three types. The most common form is the traditional mattress. A traditional memory foam mattress is the iconic version you saw on those old commercials. The polyurethane foam contours to your body shape. However, these mattresses lack a natural coolant, so they can become hot overnight in warmer climates. To aid with this, open-cell memory foam mattresses were developed. These allow cold air to circulate through the memory foam, keeping the sleeping people on it much more chill. But, they are naturally not as dense as traditional mattresses. Lastly, there are gel pod memory foam mattresses. The pods add extra support and shape to the uppermost layer of the memory foam mattress. 

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