How Sleep Affects Your Immune System

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Maintaining a good sleep schedule is a great way to ward off illness and stay healthy.

We can all admit that it’s been more than a stressful year and a half. The good news is that things are returning to relative normalcy pre-pandemic, but that also means breaking some established habits like difficult sleep schedules. Physically returning to the office or school may help, but your sleep schedule may be completely altered from dealing with online life for so long. It may seem hard, but returning to a normal sleep schedule can actually protect you from getting sick because lots of sleep strengthens your immune system. Here’s why good sleep is so important to maintaining a strong immune system and keeping yourself healthy. 

It Keeps You Healthy

We all remember the stories the adults around us told us as kids about how we grow in our sleep. We all used to hate sleeping, but we’d do it so we could become “big kids” a little faster. Well, even though, as adults, we are no longer physically growing, sleep actually now performs a more restorative function. When we are asleep, our brains no longer have to focus energy on our consciousness, so they can work on other things, like strengthening the immune system. Our immune systems are in place to keep us safe from illness and infection. Recently received the COVID-19 vaccination? Make sure to get lots of sleep to make sure your body is well prepared to fight COVID-19. 

Sleep Reduces Stress

Did you know that high levels of stress can actually diminish the effectiveness of the immune system? That includes mental stress as well! It may seem hard to sleep when you are stressed out over something, but maintaining a proper sleeping schedule can actually prevent stress from worsening over time. A great way to alleviate stress and achieve better sleep is to choose a mattress that is made for your sleeping position. It’s also important to choose mattresses that are of an appropriate size and firmness level for your liking. One great way to relieve stress during the day is actually by taking periodic naps less than thirty minutes long throughout the day. This allows for your body to take a breather when it’s normally on edge due to the high-stress conditions. 

Maintaining a Sleeping Schedule

Remember, the best way to keep a healthy, balanced immune system by sleeping is to have a proper sleep schedule! This may be the hardest step for night owls, but the benefits of sleeping are just too powerful. If you are really struggling with keeping up with a good sleep cycle, try sleep tracker and bedtime timer apps for help. 

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