How to Care For Feather Mattress Pads

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A feather mattress pad is a great addition to any bed type!

Feather mattress pads are probably one of the most classic types of bedding accessories out there– they’ve been around for something around seven centuries! Originally, feather mattress pads were only for the rich and wealthy lords and ladies of the past, but due to technological advancements and inventions of materials such as artificial down, they are nowhere near a royalty-class exclusive item. Feather mattress pads are known for their unique comfort, almost like sleeping on a cloud. But, these mattress pads do require a decent amount of care. Learn how to prolong the life and comfort of feather mattress pads with this helpful blog.

Shake Shake Shake

Unfortunately, feather mattress pads are often victim to flattening. Flattening is totally normal for any mattress pad, but due to the down makeup of feather mattress pads, they tend to go flat faster than other types of mattress pads. This is especially true if you sleep with a partner in a queen or king-sized mattress since the double bodyweight can quickly level the feathers inside. Luckily, unlike other materials, feather mattress pads can quickly retain their pillow-like structure with a simple shake! When replacing the bed sheets, pull off the mattress cover and shake it up. This will shuffle the feathers inside all around, so they will be in a totally different angle and position. The mattress pad will be good as new!

Keep It Protected

Since feather mattress pads are often way too large to fit in even the most industrial washing machines, it’s a good idea to keep them as protected as possible. The best way to accomplish this is by using a mattress pad protector. This can be a plastic covering that keeps out dust mites and bed bugs or a simple, easy-to-remove fabric covering that is laced on top of the feather mattress pad that is easily washable.

Dealing with Messes and Spills

Breakfast in bed always sounds so wonderful until something spills. Then it can turn into a nightmare very quickly. When a spill occurs on your feather mattress pad, make sure to immediately change the sheets. You’ll probably need to shake the liquids out and then leave it out to dry somewhere. If you still smell the smell of feathers or notice any visible residue from the spill, you may have to look into a laundry or dry cleaning facility that is able to take oversized items such as feather mattress pads.

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