How to Choose a Better Pillow

How to Choose a Better Pillow

One element that probably doesn’t get enough credit for a good night’s sleep is your pillow.

There are many parts to a bed. There’s the mattress, the frame, the sheets, the comforter. One element that probably doesn’t get enough credit for a good night’s sleep is your pillow. You should swap out your pillow from time to time. Here are some options when you want a better one!

Choose Down Pillows

Downy pillows are a classic choice and are an iconic type of pillow. The feathers stuffed inside them make them some of the softest pillows you can find anywhere. Also, because they are so light, they are ideal for anyone who prefers to sleep on their stomach. Still, if you need more support or you have allergies, then you might want to choose a different material instead.

Choose Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam is another option that you can take. The foam material and density might be the perfect fit for you and your sleeping partner. It helps anyone who gets restless at night or if they suffer from a considerable amount of neck pain and need more support as a result. 

Choose Microbead Pillows

If you have ever felt a travel neck pillow or a bean bag chair, then you have an idea of what microbeads are. Now imagine using them in your pillow! If you need airflow to help keep you cool, then maybe you should choose these pillows, especially if you feel like you get hot at night.

Choose Latex Pillows

Latex may sound uncomfortable to sleep on, but that isn’t always the case. Pillows can collect allergens and make you cough and sneeze, both of which can keep you from getting comfy enough to fall asleep. With latex pillows, that isn’t as much of a problem. 

Choose Body Pillows

Body pillows are oversized for a reason. They give some support to your head and neck, but as implied by their name, they can support your entire body as well. They help with hip and back pain, especially if you have pulled a muscle or if you have joint pain in the sockets or otherwise. They’re also great for getting through the discomfort of pregnancy, which can make it more difficult to sleep comfortably. 

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