How to Find the Perfect Mattress for Back Support

How to Find the Perfect Mattress for Back Support

Read on to learn how you can protect your lumbar spine and find the perfect mattress for back support.

Last week we discussed choosing a supportive foundation for your bed, but this week’s blog is all about finding the perfect mattress to go on top of that foundation. Everyone has their own unique needs when it comes to back support, but lumbar support is a crucial part of getting a good night’s rest without waking up sore in the morning. Our bodies have natural curves, and they are designed that way for proper weight distribution. This is particularly true of our spines. When beds do not provide adequate support, the curves in our spines become straightened, which is uncomfortable and can cause damaging stress. Read on to learn how you can protect your lumbar spine and find the perfect mattress for back support.

Consider Your Body’s Needs

The first step to finding an excellent mattress for back support is considering your individual needs (and, of course, the needs of your sleeping partner). Your height, weight, and sleeping position all play a role in how your body will react to certain mattresses. Heavier sleepers may require firmer beds, and stomach sleepers will likely prefer mattresses with more support. It can be challenging to meet your needs as well as the needs of your partner, which is why adjustable beds are an excellent option. If you and your partner have drastically different needs when it comes to support and firmness, consider opting for an adjustable bed.

Give Medium-Firm Mattresses a Try

In terms of lumbar support, medium-firm mattresses typically provide a reasonably decent experience for many sleepers. This is because they support the curves of the lumbar spine while allowing the hips and shoulders to sink into the bed. If a medium-firm mattress isn’t quite strong enough to keep your spine in a neutral position, you may need to try a more firm mattress. If in doubt, choose a mattress that is more firm. It will provide better support and will likely soften slightly over time.

If In Doubt, Try It Out!

Now you know that your mattress should support your spine’s alignment while cushioning your pressure points and that your needs may be different than your partner’s. Armed with this information (plus some information on your preferred bed size, budget, and materials), the best way to find a mattress that works for you is to try some out in person. Visit your local Sleepwell retailer and take the first step towards an excellent night’s sleep.

Sleepwell Is the Key to A Good Night’s Rest

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