How to Get Into Good Mattress and Bed Making Habits

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Making your bed every morning has a lot of surprising benefits!

Let’s be real, during quarantine, did you make your bed every day? During quarantine, many people fell out of the habit of making their bed every morning due to working from home, stress, or simply barely leaving their mattress! But there are actually quite a few positive benefits of making your bed and mattress each morning, so it’s important to get that habit back on track. Here’s why making your bed and mattress each morning is so important to maintaining both day and night health. 

It Helps with an Overall Organized Look

A few surveys have shown that those that make their bed each morning feel so much more energized and ready to get the day started than those who don’t. Making the mattress also seems to have a psychological effect on people that makes their room look and feel more organized, which lets them leave the house virtually stress-free. Many people associate not making your bed with being a slob or laziness, which is not a great characteristic to have. When working from home, having clean, organized help can help keep you focused on the job, not your surroundings, which can improve work performance. So, make sure to always include making your mattress in starting your remote work day. 

It Helps You Notice Mattress Hygiene Issues

When you don’t make the mattress each morning, you probably don’t really take a good look or feel for your sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. Many mattress owners don’t realize that sheets can get very dirty very quickly without frequent washing. It’s recommended to change your sheets every two weeks to prevent a buildup of body oils, dirt, dust, and even dead skin cells, all of which can contribute to body and facial breakouts and unpleasant smells. When you get up and make your bed in the morning, you will naturally pay much more attention to your bedsheets and will likely notice the time between changes. 

It Can Improve Relationships

Believe it or not, studies and surveys show that making your bed in the morning can actually improve your romantic relationships! If you share a mattress with a partner, no matter the size, taking action to make the bed in the morning actually can improve how your partner thinks of you. In fact, a recent survey of 2000 Americans reported that 55% of regular bedmakers said that making your bed after sleep is a deal-breaker in pursuing a long-term relationship.

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