How To Select The Perfect Pillow For Neck Pain Relief

How To Select The Perfect Pillow For Neck Pain Relief Sleepwell

That said, many complainants report having slept in bad postures before developing neck soreness.

Have you ever wondered how a wrong pillow choice can harm your neck? In fact, according to the United States national institute of health NIH, over 30% of adult Americans complain of neck pains each year. In addition, nearly half of this percentage report persistence in the condition. This raises the question, why is the high neck pain prevalence, and how can neck pain be relieved? Read on as this article answers all these questions. 

What Causes Neck Pain?

Although the cause of neck pain varies from person to person, the common causative factors include poor sleeping position, lack of neck support, wrong postures while working with computers, injuries, muscle strains, and diseases. That said, many complainants report having slept in bad postures before developing neck soreness. This usually means that there is a need to purchase the best pillow and mattress for neck pain relief or prevention. 

Firmness & Support

Pillows appear in different firmness and densities, just as mattresses do. They also provide varying levels of neck support and pushback. The denser the pillow, the more it can withstand the weight of your shoulders, neck, and head without changing its shape. Contrarily, softer pillows can’t stand the pressure and get deformed after a while. 

When choosing the right pillow firmness, consider the neck-spinal alignment. Your head, neck, and spine should be in a straight line. The level of firmness needed to keep your head and neck aligned is based on your head and neck weight as well as your sleep position. 


Loft refers to the pillow height or thickness. The thickness of your pillow dictates the bend of your neck when sleeping. In any case, you should sleep evenly, put less pressure on your shoulders, neck, back, and hips regardless of your sleeping position. To escape neck pain, you should keep your head and your spine at the same height. 

That said, a very thin or very thick pillow causes your neck to curve at an unhealthy angle. This way, your weight will be distributed unevenly, causing strain on your neck muscles rather than allowing them to relax. 

Contouring Capabilities

Contouring is closely related to firmness. Contouring pillows react to the applied force and guide your body accordingly. They support your head and neck but return to their original shape when you shift or remove your weight entirely. 

Quality contouring pillows cushion your muscles and bones from strain and provide sufficient support to keep your neck and spine lined up. Alternatively, substandard pillows sink very much, exposing your neck to bending, causing muscle strain. 

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