How to Sleep Comfortably While Expecting A Baby

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Sleeping while you are expecting is hard, but it isn’t impossible.

Preparing to welcome a new family member is a wonderful time in any soon-to-be mother’s life. However, it also poses several problems. One of the more annoying ones to deal with is getting adequate and solid sleep. Falling and staying asleep is not easy when dreaming for two, especially as your due date closes in. But luckily, there are a number of solutions you can take to help alleviate the loss of sleep while pregnant. Here are a few actions you can take while expecting to help improve your sleep. 

Purchase a New Mattress for Better Sleep

If you have already been thinking about replacing your mattress, now is the perfect time to do it. Why do you ask? Newer mattresses are naturally more supportive to the body, especially for pregnant women who often experience achy joints and severe back pain. Additionally, in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, it becomes impossible to sleep on your stomach or back, which poses a problem for women who prefer these sleep positions. (Speaking of which: if you are a side sleeper, always try to sleep on your left side during pregnancy since it aids in digestion, which helps provide nutrients to yourself and the baby.) The best way to alleviate this problem is to purchase a new, orthopedic-friendly mattress. For a bonus, try a mattress made with heat absorbing materials for any hot flashes associated with pregnancy. 

Exercise Regularly

This may seem not easy to do, especially during the third trimester, but daily exercise while expecting can go a long way. Not only does exercising keep the body healthy, but it also can help you expend energy which will help you sleep soundly at night. While you likely won’t perform a strenuous exercise such as lifting larger weights or triathlons, you can still participate in moderate amounts of activity. Try taking an hour-long brisk walk per day, or look into local pregnancy-friendly exercise classes or programs to improve your sleep and overall health

Cut Back on Drinks Before Bed

In later stages of pregnancy, you will find yourself running to the bathroom quite frequently. There is nothing more annoying than being awoken by that uncomfortable feeling while asleep. The best action to prevent this symptom of a sleepless night is to avoid drinking water or other drinks shortly before bed. Instead, try waking up early and drinking lots of water during the morning and afternoon hours of the day, slowing down towards bedtime to prevent the countless night runs to the bathroom. 

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