How to Sleep Cool On Your Mattress This Summer

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Wake up well-rested (and not sweaty) by following these tips to stay cool on your mattress while sleeping in the summertime.

May is finally here, and this month marks the end of the Spring season– by the end of it, we will likely be experiencing the hot, sunny, and dry weather of summer! One unfortunate part of summer is the stuffy heat it brings with it, especially when it comes to sleeping on a mattress. In houses with poor ventilation or air conditioning, comfortably sleeping at night can be hard to achieve, leaving you a sweaty, miserable mess in the morning. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay cool while sleeping on a mattress this summer. Beat the heat by following these tips. 

Invest in a Cool Mattress

Humans spend a good third of their lives sleeping. Within that third, a fourth is sleeping during the summertime. That means that you should have a mattress for summer weather. Older mattresses were probably built with the best technology they had at the time. But that usually didn’t include naturally heat-wicking materials and ventilation for air. In 2021, there are hundreds of mattresses that are made with overnight cooling in mind. Try one out today at the local Sleepwell mattress store!

Switch Out Those Sheets

The material and quality of your sheets on your mattress can actually make quite the impact on the overall heat produced. For example, even though flannel is a cotton product. Flannel actually absorbs heat and is best paired with winter weather. Another easy solution is to switch out the comforter on your mattress for a summery, light quilt. Even pillows and pillowcases can make a world of difference. Always aim for breathable, light cotton-based fabrics. Memory foam pillows and mattress pads also can help to reduce heat. 

Be Practical, Stay Green

One way of beating the heat while sleeping on your mattress is by cranking up the air conditioning. But this isn’t very environmentally friendly, nor is it financially friendly. Try taking an energy-efficient approach to the heat problem by adding curtains to windows and closing the blinds before bed. That way, in the morning, the heat coming in from the sun and through the window panes won’t be absorbed into the room you sleep in for hours. Secondly, try adding a quiet, circulating fan into your space. Try to orient it towards your mattress so you can sleep with a nice, cool breeze. All of these are great tips for keeping the energy bills low as well as the temperature inside your house.

Sleepwell Mattress Is the Key to A Good Night’s Rest

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