Innerspring Mattress Options: Types of Coils

Innerspring Mattress Options: Types of Coils

Do you know what types of coil to look for in your next bed? There are many different types of coils that can be used in your innerspring mattress. Read on to learn about different coil configurations.

There really are a ton of different mattresses to choose from. There are so many, in fact, that finding the perfect one to rest on can end up being ridiculously overwhelming. Added to the struggle is that when it comes to beds, one size does not fit all. What works for your friend or relative might not work for you. A key component to selecting one of the best mattresses for your bedroom is to explore the coils that each mattress has. Here are the essentials you should know in regards to innerspring mattress coils. 

Pocketed Coils

This tends to be the coil system that is easiest to explain and is one of the most comfortable. With pocketed coils, each individual coil is wrapped in a cloth bag all its own. As a result, the coil itself is typically all compressed before it’s sealed in the pocket. That means the coils can then easily be assembled and subsequently glued together around halfway down the coil. Then, each coil is free to move on its own — individually. These types of coils are usually ideal for people who are looking to eliminate motion disturbance — like a constantly moving partner. 

The Bonnell Coil

This specific type of coil system is truly one of a kind. Most innerspring mattresses will use a Bonnell coil system. With this system, each coil is connected at the top and bottom — usually with a helical wire — and will traditionally run from side to side of the bed itself. For the most part, each coil is shaped like an hourglass — being very thin in the middle and then wider at both the top and bottom. This type of system is typically less expensive than other coil systems and still provides ultimate support. 

Double Offset Coils

Similar to the Bonnell coil, these are typically also an hourglass shape. In fact, most things about these coils are similar, but double offset coils will also include a squared-off portion at both the head and foot of the coil itself. As a result, double offset coils are known to be more durable and much more easily laced together than their counterparts. 

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