Why Invest in a Luxury Mattress for Better, More Sound Sleep

sleepwell luxury mattress

A luxury mattress is an easy way to get a great and satisfying night’s sleep.

We all have difficulty sleeping sometimes. Sometimes it’s due to illness, too much caffeine before bed, lack of exercise, or stress. But did you know a large part of a good night’s sleep comes from the quality of your mattress? A mattress might seem like a trivial thing to some– just a relatively comfortable box made of springs that I can sleep on at night. But what they don’t know is that their insomnia can be easily solved by just spending a little extra on a super high-quality, luxury mattress. The price tag might seem scary to some, but a luxury mattress is worth the hours and even days’ worth of sleep lost to sleeping on an unfitting and uncomfortable mattress. Here’s why.

Better Support

Support is probably the most important part of any mattress. Good support allows for your body to maintain a natural position while on the bed and to elevate the spine, so it is not contorting in an abnormal way. Sleeping in an unnatural position can lead to back problems and other body aches during the day or irregular sleep patterns. Most mass-produced mattresses use memory foam or strategically placed plush coverings to help with support. While this is nice, many foam-based mattresses can actually create something called “sinkhole syndrome.” this means that it becomes hard to move out of a spot in bed due to how well the foam conforms to your weight. However, a luxury mattress is made by hand out of the highest quality materials instead of at a factory. Instead of simply relying on foam alone, a luxury mattress utilizes somewhere from 1000 to 3000 steel coil innersprings, each made to contract to your body’s position perfectly. 

A Luxury Mattress is More Breathable

Another downside to mass-produced foam mattresses is that foam molds with body heat. Body heat, therefore, can become trapped much more easily inside of the mattress, making the mattress rather stuffy and hot. A luxury mattress is not full of foam or random nonbreathable materials as stuffings. In fact, most luxury mattresses have nothing on the inside at all except for cold, allowing for a lot of room for the air to be circulated evenly throughout, keeping you pleasantly cool throughout the night. 

Custom Sizes Available

Do you require an unusual shape or length of the bed (like a Twin XL length?) Mass-produced mattresses usually only come in certain profiled sizes like a king, queen, full, etc. But an upside to a custom mattress is its ability to be made to fit virtually any shape or size. 

Sleepwell Is the Key to A Good Night’s Rest

With over 85 years in business, Sleepwell has been supplying consumers and retailers with the highest quality mattresses and bedding products in the industry. Sleepwell is a family-owned company that knows the true value of a good night’s rest and what it takes to achieve it. Our experts know how to match every customer with the right products. We service Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. You can reach us at 301‐322‐1000. Also, be sure to follow Sleepwell on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter!

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