Is a Hybrid Mattress Right for You?

Is a Hybrid Mattress Right for You?

In this blog, we will discuss what a hybrid mattress is made out of, who usually benefits from using them, and what options are available.

Hybrid mattresses combine memory foam and springs, giving you the best of both worlds. They sound perfect in theory, but how do you know that a hybrid mattress will be right for you? Well, there are a few things you should know before you settle on a hybrid. In this blog, we will discuss what a hybrid mattress is made out of, who usually benefits from using them, and what options are available.

What Makes a Hybrid a Hybrid?

Hybrid mattresses typically contain a combination of memory foam and innerspring components. Layers of foam and springs are often sandwiched together between outer layers of cotton or other fibers for cushioning. Because they mesh the qualities of foam and springs, they are often described as providing an initial amount of give from the foam, which is then backed up by the supportiveness of the springs. Where sleepers may sink uncomfortably deep into some foam mattresses, they will find a strong layer of support in a hybrid mattress to keep them from sinking in completely.

Who Are They Good For?

People of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the plush support that hybrid mattresses provide, but there are a few trends in terms of who favors them. Side and back sleepers tend to appreciate the added support paired with cushioning for pressure points. In particular, side sleepers can benefit from the plush surface offered for their hips and shoulders, which are typically under enormous pressure. Hybrid mattresses are also a fantastic solution for couples. Their foam offers less transference of movement, and their versatility means that couples with different sleeping styles and firmness preferences can often find a compromise.

What Are My Options?

Just like other types of mattresses, hybrids come with a wide range of optional features and variations. The foam can be made of gel foam, memory foam, latex, and more. The springs inside hybrid mattresses can be either traditional innersprings or pocket coils. One- and two-sided mattresses are often available, as are pillow top and Eurotop options. Hybrid mattresses come in many different sizes to suit your needs. Stop by your local Sleepwell Mattress retailer to try out our range of hybrid mattresses, and make your way to a great night’s sleep.

Sleepwell Is the Key to A Good Night’s Rest

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