Is It Time to Replace My Boxspring?

sleepwell mattress boxspring

Most bedframes require the use of a boxspring for added support.

A boxspring is a necessary part of most bedframes. They are used to help extend a mattresses’ life by preventing sagging and other damages by providing a solid foundation for support. Boxsprings can also be helpful in elevating a mattress, which is great for getting in and out of bed much easier. However, a boxspring is fundamentally different from a mattress. Usually, it is made out of wood or sturdy wires. When replacing a mattress, one might overlook the boxspring, thinking it’s still fine. But boxsprings wear out just like mattresses. Here’s a handy guide on estimating if your boxspring might need a replacement soon.  

Determine If It Should Be Replaced At All

Something important to note when shopping for a boxspring is if your bedframe really needs one. For many years, a boxspring was a necessary part of any bed set up. But more recently, they are not always required. Some bedframes, like platform bed frames, are built so that a box spring is not necessary. However, some people prefer the use of boxsprings over a wooden plank or platform bed for added height or support. It is all based on personal preference. 

Signs To Get a New Boxspring

If your boxspring exhibits any of these features, it may be time to consider purchasing a new boxspring.

  • squeaking or loud creaking noises
  • sagging or bending
  • over the age of 20 years old (especially if made with steel coil springs)
  • drooping or warping steel grid
  • broken slats

If you suspect you may have additional problems that cannot be seen simply by viewing the boxspring, try removing the dust cover to get a more internal view of the slats. This will help determine if there are even more issues with the boxspring to prove the point that a new one should be in your future. 

Best Advice?

The best advice going forward is to always replace your box spring when purchasing a new mattress. When one grows old, the other tends to as well. Boxspring technology, similar to mattress technology, is constantly improving. Investing in a nice box spring along with a nice mattress will help with the longevity of your mattress and bedframe.

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