King vs. California King Mattress: What’s the Difference?

California king mattress

This blog will explain what a California king mattress is, how it differs from a king mattress, and why you should consider getting a Cali king.

When people hear “California king mattress,” they often think of decadence, luxury, and extravagance. Many people know that a California king is supposed to be bigger than a regular king, but for most people, their knowledge stops there. What are the actual differences between a regular king and a California king mattress? This blog will explain what a California king mattress is, how it differs from a king mattress, and why you should consider getting a Cali king.

  • King vs. California King Mattresses by the Numbers

Most people think that California king mattresses are bigger than standard kings, but they are only partially right. California king mattresses measure 72 inches by 84 inches, and standard king mattresses stand at 76 by 80 inches. While California kings are longer than standard kings by four inches, they are also narrower by the same margin. This results in a surface area that is 32 square inches smaller than a standard king. So by many measures, California king mattresses are actually smaller than standard king mattresses.

  • Pros and Cons

If California kings are narrower and have less surface area than standard kings, why do people go crazy for them? For starters, the extra four inches in length can make all the difference for tall folks. People who are six feet in height or taller can be uncomfortable in standard king beds because their feet can hang off the edge. California king mattresses are also ideal for people who tend to scoot down on the bed for the same reason.

However, standard king mattresses have a few areas in which they outperform California kings. Standard king mattresses are more common and, as a result, the mattresses and their accessories are often easier to find and cheaper to purchase. People who are wider than they are tall can be uncomfortable in a California king, especially if they sleep with a partner or cosleep with children and pets.

  • What Should You Get?

Choosing a mattress can be a difficult and highly personal decision. If you are six feet tall or taller or tend to scoot around on your bed, you may be more comfortable in a California king. California king mattresses can also suit certain bedrooms better than standard kings. If your bedroom is longer than it is wide, a California king mattress can utilize space better and give you more room to move around. However, if you or your partner are wider than you are tall, a California king may not be for you. Stop by your local Sleepwell Mattress retailer and give both sizes a try. The size that gives you the best night’s sleep may surprise you!

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