The Importance Of Quality Pillows

The Importance Of Quality Pillows

How would you rate your bed’s pillows?

Pillows work in collaboration with your mattress to provide you with adequate and appropriate support and comfort while you sleep. That’s why it’s important to remember that investing in quality pillows is just as important as investing in a quality mattress. If you’ve been experiencing any neck or back pain, think about how these two elements work together to put your body in the best position possible while you’re laying down. The quality and type of pillow you use make a big impact on your quality of rest.

Pillow Function

The job of your pillow is to provide adequate levels of comfort and support. Your neck and upper back need to maintain proper alignment while you’re laying down to avoid aches and pain in the morning. As you’ll likely be in one position for hours as you sleep, having the proper support leads to better quality rest. Comfort, on the other hand, is as unique as your fingerprint. It depends a lot on weight, body size, other health factors, and general preference. What’s comfortable for you may not be comfortable for your partner. Try to find pillows that help keep your neck straight in any sleeping position.

Sleep Positions

Although many people tend to switch positions periodically throughout the night, everyone has a preference for their comfort. Your most comfortable position is probably the way in which you’ll spend most of the night. With that said, for back sleepers, look for a pillow that is flat and thin, or designed with a wedge for the most support. Side sleepers will benefit from a contoured pillow. Firm support along with an additional pillow placed between the knees will help keep the spine in alignment with the neck to relieve strain on the body. For people that prefer to sleep on their stomachs, you should be careful not to have your head elevated too high above your neck. Try flat pillows and placing a second pillow under your stomach to prevent lower back pain.   

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