How To Know if an Orthopedic Full Mattress is Right for You

How would you know if investing in a suitable orthopedic mattress is right for you? Sleepwell is determined to help you find out.

A good orthopedic full mattress will provide ample back support for those who need it most.

A high-quality orthopedic full mattress is often recommended to athletes, seniors, and those with strenuous occupations. After all, the type of mattress you use is very important for maintaining proper back health and posture. Most mattresses nowadays are marketed as orthopedic, but there are specially made full mattresses made for those who urgently need one for their achy joints or back pain. But how would you tell the difference or know if investing in a suitable orthopedic mattress is right for you? Sleepwell is determined to help you find out.

What Does “Orthopedic” Mean in Terms of Mattresses

The term “orthopedic mattress” first originated in the 1950s. Various studies from the time found that sleeping on a certain type of mattress could help alleviate back and joint pain in the mornings. Usually, these mattresses were designed following orthopedic principles as developed by doctors specializing in the study. However, these mattresses started selling extraordinarily well, so soon enough, there was an oversaturation of “orthopedic” mattresses on the market. Nowadays, newer mattresses often are not as mislabeled because most newer mattresses do have at least some orthopedic design. But if you are truly suffering from a great deal of joint pain, take a lookout for these elements in your future full mattress. 

Pressure Relief

Usually, true orthopedic mattresses are designed with pressure points in mind. The mattress must be firm enough to provide support but also have enough given to allow for muscles to bend and pressure points to be relaxed. In other words, the mattress must be a good compromise between ultra-plush and firm. Certain types of ultra-soft memory foam are not recommended to be used as orthopedic mattresses.

Proper Spine Alignment

The core purpose of an orthopedic mattress is to prevent back pain since back pain is often the source of a plethora of other problems. A model type of orthopedic mattress will be softer towards the head and feet area but firmer in the middle. This structure helps to preserve the natural curvature of the spine while sleeping. But make sure to take care not to purchase a mattress that is too firm. A mattress that is too solid in firmness can actually irritate the back muscles, not alleviate the stress. Therefore, a good medium is the best way to go for your orthopedic full mattress. 

Sleepwell Is the Key to A Good Night’s Rest

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