How To Sleep Better Tonight


How To Sleep Better Tonight

Use these tips to start sleeping better tonight!

Sleep is such an integral part of our lives. We as humans cannot perform to the best of our abilities day-in and day-out without getting enough sleep. Unfortunately, many people struggle to get their recommended amount of sleep each night for a variety of reasons. Keep reading and discover a few healthy sleep habits that you can use to start sleeping better tonight!

Limit Bright Light Exposure

Limiting your light exposure during the evening is essential. Bright lights will alert your brain and make it significantly more difficult to fall asleep. Try to adjust lamps and other types of lights to lower settings during the evening. This will encourage your body to relax and slowly shut down for the day.

Keep Up With Your Sleep Schedule

Do you have a bedtime? If you want to start sleeping better, it is in your best interest to get yourself on a sleep schedule.

Don’t Eat Large Meals Before Bed

Try your best to refrain from eating large meals before bedtime because this will confuse your body. If you are going to eat before bedtime, try to keep it light. Try to stay away from foods that are too heavy.

Don’t Use Electronic Devices Before Bed

Many people are guilty of playing on their cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices before they make an effort to fall asleep. People need to realize that the brain stimulation caused by these devices will inhibit your ability to fall asleep at night. For that reason, try to have at least a 30-minute window where you do not use these kinds of electronic devices before bed.

Keep Your Bedroom Quiet

Loud sounds can inhibit your body’s ability to relax at night. Try to turn down the volume on your music and television during the evening hours.

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