How To Start 2019 With A Clean Mattress

How To Start 2019 With A Clean Mattress

Start the year with a new mattress!

The new year is officially in full swing and now is a good idea to access the condition of your mattress. Many people are long overdue for a new mattress. Poor sleeping conditions can lead to a variety of health problems. If you have invested hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a new mattress, you want to take the necessary steps to keep it clean! Keep reading and discover a few tips on how to keep your mattress clean in 2019!

Use A Mattress Cover

If you haven’t already, go out and purchase a mattress cover! They are a wise investment that will serve as a barrier from dirt and debris from getting onto your mattress. They are rather inexpensive, but will keep your mattress clean for years to come!

Vacuum It With An Attachment

Many people do not think to vacuum their mattresses. If you want your mattress to remain as clean as possible, use the hose attachment on your vacuum on it. It should only take you a few minutes to suck up any dust and lint that has accumulated on the surface.

Keep The Pets Off Of It

Many people love their pets so much they allow them to climb into bed with them. Although it is cute to cuddle with your dogs and cats in the comfort of your bed, this is not good for the cleanliness of your bed. Pets have all sorts of allergens on their bodies that will get into your bed if you allow them to jump up.

Regularly Wash Your Sheets

If you want your mattress to remain clean, it is in your best interest to wash your sheets on a regular basis. Don’t be one of the many who neglects to do so.

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