How To Tell If You Need A New Mattress

How To Tell If You Need A New Mattress

When was the last time you invested in a new mattress?

Try to think of your mattress as an investment for your health and overall well-being. Most people require around approximately 7-8 hours of sleep every night. One of the best ways to ensure that you are obtaining the right amount of sleep every night is to sleep on a high-quality mattress. If have been sleeping on a lumpy mess for the past few years, you need to realize that you are not doing yourself any favors. If you are unsure of how to tell if it is time to invest in a new mattress, here are some of the major indicators!

You Can’t Seem To Get Comfortable

Your mattress should be incredibly comfortable.You shouldn’t have to toss and turn throughout the night to find the right position. It is important to remember that your bed should be the most comfortable spot in your house because that is where you spend several hours every night. If you are noticing that you are significantly more comfortable in another place, (ex: your couch) than your mattress is likely worn out and you need a replacement.

Your Back And Neck Hurt In The Mornings

Have you noticed that when you get up in the morning your body aches? This is not exactly an uncommon problem for adults. If you were sleeping on a quality mattress, you wouldn’t be waking up every morning with aching pains. If you had a good-quality bed, you would be waking up feeling refreshed and ready to go!

Lumpiness and Dents

One of the easiest ways to tell if you need a new mattress is if your existing mattress has any lumps or dents in it. Sometimes, these blemishes are clearly visible in old mattresses; other times, you need to lye down to notice these imperfections. It is also important to point out that you should not be able to feel the inner springs in it either.

Sleepwell Is The Key To A Good Night’s Rest

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