The Future of Beds

The Future of Beds

You’ve heard of smart phones, smart cars, and even smart televisions, so why not have a smart bed?

People will always pursue the topic of sleep. This has brought about many interesting ideas about the future of how we’ll sleep and what we’ll need to get a full night’s rest. As technology and ideas continue to advance, beds of the future are being designed to meet all of our possible forthcoming needs.

Smart Beds

You’ve heard of smartphones, smart cars, and even smart televisions, so why not have a smart bed? The idea of the smart capsule bed is based on creating an atmosphere that gives you full control of your sleep experience. It includes temperature control, surround sound capabilities, and lighting that encourages a peaceful rest.

Massage Beds

Waterbeds have been known to provide an experience that promotes relaxation. You’ve also probably seen those beds that feature coin slots, designed to shake you mercilessly. In the future, technology takes that idea a step further with massage beds. It includes a mattress that comes with a built-in wave system that will massage your body while your rest. It even comes with an alarm system that will wake you with a gentle rocking motion.

Floating Beds

The idea of the floating bed uses technology that’s currently available. It uses magnets to hold the bed in place and a clear acrylic material that makes the entire bed look like it’s fully suspended in air. Although it doesn’t tout any exceptional comfort benefits, contemporary and trendy buyers will love the futuristic aesthetic.

Environmental Beds

Think of the most ideal environment in which you’d love the sleep. The atmosphere pod bed will help transport you to that destination. It comes equipped with settings that help give you the feeling of sleeping in space, in a field of flowers, under the shade of a massive tree, or even under the Eiffel tower in Paris. The pod comes preloaded with various destinations, but if none of them suit your taste, other destinations are available for purchase through the settings in the bed.

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