Tips for Breaking in a New Bed

Tips for Breaking in a New Bed

Use these tips to break in your new bed!

Did you just purchase a new bed? Brand new mattresses and bed frames can sometimes feel a little stiff – even those made with the softest materials. Whether you purchased your new mattress in the store, or had it delivered, the moment you lay down to sleep, you want to rest on something that is comfortable and feels like it was made just for you. Follow these tips for breaking in a new bed.

Give Your Mattress Some Space

Before you dress your new mattress up with your favorite sheets, blankets, and pillows, you should give it some time to breathe. Allow your mattress some time to feel the air for a few hours. The flow of oxygen traveling through the materials will also make for a better night’s sleep.

Apply Some Pressure

Now it’s time to bring on the pressure – your mattress can handle it. If you’re finding that your new mattress is too hard or firm, take off your shoes and step up onto it. Walking back and forth over your mattress for a while will help break it in. This will help loosen up the materials and allow it to conform to your body much better.

Raise the Heat

Speaking of helping the materials become looser, turning the heat up in your room will help break in your mattress. The heat is especially helpful for memory foam mattresses, and the heat works to soften those materials when it’s warmed. In addition to the pressure, the warmth will also help the mattress conform to the unique shape of your body.

Patience is A Virtue

Aside from these tips, the best thing to do is to remember that it takes time to break in your new mattress. Keep in mind that once you do, it will be well worth the time it took to conform to your body. Also, remember that you don’t want to wear your mattress out too quickly so that you can extend its lifetime. In the meantime, have a good stretch before you get in the bed so that your body will feel more relaxed.  

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