Tips For Moving A Mattress

Tips For Moving A Mattress

Under no circumstance should you ever try to move a mattress by yourself.

Moving a mattress can often be a challenging endeavor. You want to be sure you know what you are doing because many things can easily go wrong. That is why many people often leave this task to a team of movers. If you decide to try and do it yourself, here are a few mattress-moving tips that will help make the process a little less complicated!  

Don’t Do Alone

Leave your ego at the door. Under no circumstance should you ever try to move a mattress by yourself. Mattresses are bulky items, and they are awkward to move. Even if you are moving a twin sized bed, you shouldn’t try to do it on your own. You don’t want to risk breaking something or injuring yourself because you were too proud to ask for some assistance. You should have at least one other person helping you. It is also nice if you have another person who can direct you if you need to carry it up/down a flight of stairs. If you ever need to move a mattress, ask friends or family members to assist you.


You want to ensure that your mattress is secure in your vehicle before you start your vehicle’s engine. A set of ratchet straps will do the trick! They are versatile in that they can be used to secure all sorts of bulky items to a vehicle. You can purchase a quality set of mattress straps for under $50.

Use A Mattress Bag

If you need to transport a mattress in your vehicle, you should use a mattress bag. They are inexpensive and help keep your mattress safe and clean when they are being transported. They are essentially a heavy-duty plastic covering that you slip over your mattress. They also prevent bugs and unwanted critters from crawling over your bed.

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