Twin Mattress Shopping Considerations for the Kids

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Kids are notably rowdy, so make sure to purchase an equally durable twin mattress for them.

The time has finally come– your child first outgrew the crib, and now the toddler bed. It’s time for them to graduate to a real mattress made for “big kids.” For most kids, this will be a twin mattress, which is generally the smallest standard-sized mattress available in most markets. Kids spend the majority of their growing time while sleeping, so making sure they have a suitable and comfortable place to sleep is key. But unlike adults, kids probably aren’t very willing to go and pick out the best mattress for sleeping. So, here’s a helpful shopping guide on what to look for for the parents or guardians of a “big kid” who will soon be upgrading to a twin mattress.


When a child is sleeping is about the only time their guardians don’t have a constant watch on them. But this doesn’t mean that the child is actually asleep at all. As we all know, kids can be rather rowdy, and when unsupervised, can put themselves in rather risky situations like jumping on the bed. Even when asleep, they aren’t completely safe. For instance, many kids just upgrading to a twin mattress may be at greater risk of falling out of bed at night due to the change. That’s why when choosing a twin mattress, always pair it with a child-safe bed that features a removable guardrail. Many beds feature this “training wheel” to get kids used to sleep in their new twin mattress, and when they are ready, it can be easily removed. It’s also important to choose a twin mattress that is highly durable since it will likely endure lots of jumping over the years. 


While your child likely won’t care about the comfort of the bed, it’s still an important part of it. As mentioned earlier, kids need to spend a lot of time in bed since they are constantly growing when asleep. A comfortable bed means a better rest and therefore promotes healthier growth. Try to choose a twin mattress that features organic cotton for breathability, thick padding or memory foam, luxury ticking, and only the highest quality materials are recommended. 

Easily Cleaned

Kids are prone to accidents and spills, especially when they are very young. Even though we tell them so many times not to eat in their rooms, they always manage to sneak around us. Choosing a twin mattress that is liquid-resistant and easy to clean is the best option for your child. 

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