Twin XL Mattress: What You’ll Need to Know for College

sleepwell twin xl mattress

A XL mattress is likely what you’ll have in your dorm room during your college years, and will probably end up as a preferred studying spot.

It’s college acceptance season, and many incoming freshmen and their guardians are quickly making plans for the coming fall after receiving that coveted letter. As many colleges and universities are opening back up for in-person learning for the Fall 2021 semester, students approaching college life will soon be hit with that age-old room and board statement: “You will be provided a Twin XL Mattress.” But let’s be real: what even is a XL Mattress? Is it the same as a twin bed? This guide will tell you everything you’ll need to know about the differences between a Twin and a Twin XL so you’ll be fully prepared for your upcoming dorm life this fall semester.

What is a Twin Mattress?

It’s important to be able to understand what a Twin Mattress is before an XL. A Twin mattress is one of the smallest standard mattress sizes available, measuring around 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. These mattresses are usually used as mattresses for kids, bunk beds, and older seniors since they are not very long. It will be hard for anyone over 6 feet tall to sleep comfortably in a regular twin mattress. 

What is a Twin XL Mattress?

A twin XL has the same width as a twin mattress. However, the difference between an XL and a twin mattress is in length. An XL mattress is five inches longer than a standard twin bed, making it 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. After all, XL actually stands for “extra long,” not “extra large” in this case. XL mattresses were made for college students in mind. They conserve room in the small dorm space but also allow for taller college students to fit comfortably on the bed.

Preparing for a College Mattress

A XL mattress has different dimensions from a twin mattress, so what does that mean for mattress accessories and bedding? It’s important to know that XL mattresses require different mattress pads and bedding sizes than the standard twin. While a regular twin-sized comforter might be alright for a XL mattress, any fitted bedsheets will need to be made specifically for a twinXL size in order to fit properly. This also applies to mattress pads, like pillow tops or memory foam. Luckily, during college preparation season in the late summer, there will be plenty of options on the market for the perfect dorm bedding. 

Sleepwell Is the Key to A Good Night’s Rest

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