What is a Box Spring?

What is a Box Spring?

In this blog, we discuss the basics of box springs and the types of mattresses that may require a box spring for support.

If you’ve recently purchased a new mattress, it can be challenging to determine what is necessary to support it. Some accessories are essential, while others are merely optional. Is a box spring essential for your mattress? The answer depends on a few factors. In this blog, we discuss the basics of these bed bases and the types of mattresses that may require additional support.

A Box Spring Supports Your Mattress

First and foremost, a box spring is designed to support your mattress. Made of wood and metal, box springs keep your mattress flat and even as you sleep. This creates a more comfortable bed while also prolonging the life of your mattress and preventing sagging. As a secondary benefit, they can also add significant height to your bed. While “spring” is in the name, many modern box springs do not contain wire coils at all; a wood box, sometimes including metal or a fabric cover, is more common today.

Does Your Bed Need a Box Spring?

It can be tricky to tell whether you need this type of bed base, but there are a few things to look for in your bed and mattress. If your bed frame is made of metal rails and is designed to use a box spring, you should purchase one. Some mattress manufacturers specify that a foundation is needed with their products, and following manufacturer instructions can help optimize your sleeping experience and extend your bed’s usable life. Likewise, those who own older innerspring mattresses may benefit from using a box spring. However, if you already own a platform bed, adjustable bed, bed frame with slats, or a wood foundation, you likely do not need a box spring. Many new hybrid or memory foam mattresses can also do without.

Alternatives to Classic Box Springs

If a box spring is not recommended for your specific mattress, there are a few different ways to support your bed (and your back) while you sleep. Adjustable bed bases provide customizable support, while platform beds are designed to offer a stable, flat surface for your mattress. Lattices and beds with slats are often lighter (making them easier to move), and they provide superior ventilation. If you still are unsure whether or not you need a box spring for your new mattress, visit your local Sleepwell retailer or visit us online for more information.

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