What to Know Before You Visit Your Local Mattress Store

What to Know Before You Visit Your Local Mattress Store

These tips can help you get started on your journey to find the perfect mattress. Consider these questions before you visit your nearest mattress store.

Shopping for a mattress can be hard, and making decisions on the spot can end in disaster. Knowing what you need before taking a trip to your nearest mattress store can help you make good choices and improve your sleep quality for many years to come. With advances in technology and online shopping, virtually all of the information you need to choose a new bed is at your fingertips — the only thing that is left is to try out your mattress options for yourself! These tips can help you get started on your journey to find the perfect mattress. Keep these questions in mind during your search, and be sure to visit your local mattress store for a wide range of high-quality Sleepwell mattresses!

Visit Your Local Mattress Store (or Their Website) With Size Info in Mind

Whether you visit a brick-and-mortar mattress store or an online Sleepwell retailer, knowing what sized bed to consider is crucial. If you already have a furniture set and are simply looking to replace the mattress, you likely have your decision made for you. However, if you are looking for an entirely new bed for your living space, you should have your bedroom’s dimensions handy. Also, think about how many people are going to be sharing the bed. Some people are taller than others, and some sleepers prefer to spread out at night — these can be vital considerations when choosing a mattress size.

Which Materials and Designs are Best for You?

There are all kinds of beds on the market today, from classic innerspring mattresses to luxury hybrids and gel memory foam options. Each material and design choice you make can have an impact on your sleep quality, so be sure to do your research when it comes to materials, mattress toppers, spring matrices, and other mattress characteristics. Mattresses also come at various price points, and knowing which features are mandatory for you and which are optional can help you choose an appropriate bed that still fits into your budget.

Keep Track of Sleep Issues, Back Pain, and Other Factors

Finally, think about what keeps you up at night. Everybody is different, and a bed that works great for others may not be the best for you. Back and neck pain, arthritis, scoliosis, and other issues can give anyone a rough time, but choosing a mattress while taking these problems into account can help you sleep better. Perhaps you need more support, or maybe a plush memory foam option is best for you. No matter what you need, Sleepwell has a mattress for you!

Sleepwell Is the Key to A Good Night’s Rest

With over 85 years in business, Sleepwell has been supplying consumers and retailers with the highest quality mattresses and bedding products in the industry. Sleepwell is a family-owned company that knows the true value of a good night’s rest and what it takes to achieve it. Our experts know how to match every customer with the right products. We service Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. You can reach us at 301‐322‐1000. Also, be sure to follow Sleepwell on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter!

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