When to Choose a Queen Mattress

When to Choose a Queen Mattress

Here are a few reasons to consider a queen mattress when shopping for your next bed.

While some sleepers have an easy time choosing the size of their next mattress, many bed buyers struggle to choose, especially if it’s their first time purchasing a mattress. The standard sizes include twin, full, queen, and king, and with a few uncommon sizes thrown in, deciding on a new bed can seem overwhelming. A queen mattress is often a good fit, which is why it is such a common size. Here are a few reasons to consider a queen mattress when shopping for your next bed.

Who Should Try a Queen Mattress?

Queen mattresses measure sixty inches across and eighty inches tall, making them a bit larger than a full and a bit narrower than a king. Queen beds are among the most common, which makes finding linens and furniture to accommodate them relatively easy. Because these mattresses sprawl (while also staying relatively compact), they are ideal for a wide range of sleepers and sleeping arrangements.

Couples Who Love to Snuggle

A queen mattress is ideal for couples of average height who don’t mind snuggling up a bit. Frankly, many couples find that they have plenty of room even without touching one another. Queen beds are perfect for young couples, and while accommodating two people and pets or children might be a challenge, some sleepers find a queen bed to suit their family’s needs just fine.

A Queen Mattress is Perfect for Singles Who Prefer to Spread Out

While couples can undoubtedly make use of a queen bed, solo sleepers who like to sprawl can really live it up with this mattress size. At eighty inches tall, these mattresses are the same length as king beds and just four inches shorter than California kings. Aside from some individuals who are six feet tall or more, many people find that a queen mattress gives them plenty of room to spread out comfortably.

Youngsters Who Are Growing Fast

Finally, queen beds are an excellent option for children and adolescents who are growing quickly. Rather than purchasing new mattresses for every growth spurt, parents can invest in a queen mattress that will last for years. While smaller children may find the size a bit large at first, many parents utilize queen mattresses as a way to give their kids space to grow.

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