Why Am I Sleepy All the Time?

Why Am I Sleepy All the Time?

Are you perpetually tired? Start practicing better sleeping habits today!

Have you noticed that you’ve been experiencing a lot more daytime drowsiness than usual? It’s normal to feel tired sometimes, especially after a long night working on a project, but you shouldn’t be dealing with perpetual sleepiness on a regular basis. Examine your lifestyle to try to determine the cause and follow this guide to help you stay alert throughout the day!

Getting Enough Sleep

Do you try your best to get those recommended eight hours of sleep? Even if you do, you should remember that eight hours is just a recommendation and that your body may require a different amount. Try to finetune what your body requires to feel fully rested. Too much sleep can be just as bad as not getting enough; start by counting back seven and a half hours. During that time, you’ll likely cycle through five 90-minute deep sleep and non-deep sleep rotations. After three days, if you find yourself still relying on your alarm clock to wake you up, try adding 15 minutes to your bedtime every three days until you find yourself waking up on your own.

Practice Better Sleep Habits

Start practicing some better sleep habits, like getting those electronics out of the bed. Artificial light will disrupt your body from trying to settle down for the evening. Keep your room as quiet and dark as possible or use a white noise or another sound machine. Consistency has been proven to help people fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Avoid eating or drinking too closely to your bedtime and avoid caffeine as stimulants will increase your alertness and make it almost impossible for you to go to bed on time.

Develop a Healthier Lifestyle

Aside from avoiding caffeinated products too close to your bedtime, you should also consider cutting down on the number of fatty foods and processed carbs that you have throughout the day. These foods have been associated with causing drowsiness during the day. Try exercising more as more physical activity creates increased energy.

Consult a Professional

If you’ve tried everything above and you’re still having trouble with constant sleepiness, you may be dealing with a sleep disorder. Constant daytime drowsiness could be just a symptom of a bigger issue. Contact your doctor about setting up an appointment with a local sleep clinic. Professionals will then be able to assess your experience and possibly diagnose you with a more serious medical condition, including narcolepsy, a thyroid problem, anemia, depression, restless leg syndrome, a nutrient deficiency, or even heart disease.

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