Why Consider a Plush Mattress?

Why Consider a Plush Mattress?

If you tend to prefer a bit more softness when you sleep, consider a plush mattress.

Every bed is different. Materials, firmness levels, sizes, and layers of added padding can be customized to suit any sleeper’s needs, which can be both useful and intimidating for mattress buyers. How can you determine what kind of bed is right for you? There’s nothing better than trying out beds in your local mattress store to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t, but knowing where to start before you set foot in the store is crucial. If you tend to prefer a bit more softness, consider a plush mattress. These beds are designed to gently cradle sleepers, providing a comfortable, soft sleeping surface.

What is a Plush Mattress?

Each mattress has a combination of several qualities, most of which exist on a spectrum. Firm and soft, thin and tall, springy or dense. Plush mattresses typically have more layers, are thicker, and have added padding or “comfort layers” on top. Plushness is one end of the spectrum, and firmness is the other. Most sleepers search for a bed that is plush enough to soothe pressure points and keep them comfortable while also providing the support of a firm or cushion firm mattress. While an ultra-plush bed might be just what you need, you should also make sure that your new bed offers sufficient support for your neck and back. Without enough support, some sleepers can encounter muscle strain or back pain.

Benefits of a Plush Mattress

Plush mattresses can be a must for side-sleepers and people with curves; an extra-firm bed may not be comfortable for those with curvy hips or broad shoulders, particularly if they sleep on their sides. Another benefit of plush mattresses is that they are often taller and thicker. Some sleepers just love a tall, high-profile bed to act as the focal point of their bedrooms. Of course, one of the most significant benefits of a plush mattress is that some people prefer the softness they provide, allowing them to sleep well.

Factors to Consider Before You Buy

While plush mattresses are popular, they can also have some drawbacks. Some plush beds can experience accelerated wear, with some mattresses developing indentations where the owners usually sleep. Because plush mattresses typically offer less support, the material can compress faster. However, two-sided mattress designs are a popular way to combat this. Another potential drawback of a plush mattress is poor compatibility: even if you prefer a plush bed, your partner may need something that’s a bit more firm to get a good night’s sleep. Communicate with your partner and determine if a compromise is necessary. Cushion firm mattresses are often an excellent middle ground!

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