Why Your Guest Room Needs a Queen Mattress

Why Your Guest Room Needs a Queen Mattress

Here are some reasons to consider moving a queen mattress into your guest room.

If you have extra space in your home, you likely have a guest room to accommodate visiting friends and family. Guest rooms will often feature whatever furniture a homeowner has lying around, and as such, twin beds, day beds, and futons are not uncommon. However, a queen mattress can provide a serious upgrade and some much-needed comfort for your guests. Here are some reasons to consider moving a queen mattress into your guest room.

Provide Superior Comfort

While twin beds, fold-out couches, and futons will undoubtedly work in a pinch, many folks prefer to sleep on a larger and more comfortable bed. A queen mattress can give your family and friends a welcoming place to sleep whenever they visit. By providing your guests a comfortable bed to sleep on, you can help ensure that they return for future visits — and they’re less likely to be cranky when you see them at breakfast.

Necessary for Couples and Older Guests

Although smaller beds will sometimes do the trick, there are some instances where a queen mattress is an absolute necessity. If you have guests that are couples, are higher in age, or that experience back problems, a queen bed is crucial. Couples can find it challenging to squeeze into a smaller bed, and more mature guests may find that a small futon is not nearly as comfortable as it once was. Your visitors with back and neck problems will thank you for a comfortable bed, and they may even ask for mattress recommendations!

Upgrade Your Bed

Another reason to consider making the switch to a queen mattress in your guest room is that it can allow you to upgrade your own bed. If you have an older queen mattress, you can put your old bed in the guest room and upgrade to a king or California king mattress. This way, both you and your guests can reap the rewards of an excellent night’s sleep! If you are considering getting a brand new mattress for your bedroom or guest room, stop by your nearby Sleepwell retailer to try out a plethora of comfortable options.

Sleepwell Is the Key to A Good Night’s Rest

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